Rebuild vs Exchange

The only difference between rebuild or exchange is that with an exchange transmission you can be on the road quicker, the exchange transmission is rebuilt and ready to go. With the exchange transmission the same parts go in as would if we rebuilt your original transmission. The cost is the same.

Some transmissions can’t be kept rebuilt on an exchange basisĀ  as they have internal computers which are linked to the rest of the computers in your vehicle. If you fit one of these transmissions to another vehicle it can cause problems with the transmission not operating correctly or even effect the vehicle security system. It is usually more cost effective in this situation to rebuild the transmission that came out of the vehicle.

Some transmissions we can’t give a fixed price to repair until the transmission has been stripped down. This is due to hard part damage. Hard parts are parts that normally don’t wear out eg: gear sets, Pumps, Clutch drums and casings. These hard parts can usually be rebushed and resealed then reused back in the transmission. Due to some severe metal contamination of the transmission, hard parts can wear badly. If this is the case these parts will need to be thrown out and new hard parts installed.

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